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Emergency CNC Repairs
Sheffield, Yorkshire And Throughout UK

Are you looking for fast and reliable emergency CNC repairs? We specialise in emergency CNC machine tool repairs in Yorkshire and the UK. We provide repairs and restoration for all types of machine tools. 

At Capstone Machine Tool Services we understand the frustration when your trusty lathe or milling machine down due to a fault. Repairs can be costly and more importantly, the lost production time can have a knock-on effect on your existing projects. 

This is why you can count on Capstone Machine Tool Services to provide an emergency repair service to diagnose your machine and restore it to a working order as soon as possible.  Before our team arrives, it's beneficial that you provide as much information as possible so we have a understanding of what has likely happened. This includes any noticeable symptoms, the age and condition of the machine etc. 

Our engineers will arrive on site at the earliest opportunity and bring the necessary equipment to reach an accurate diagnosis. We will then present you with our findings and recommendation on how to proceed, including sourcing of parts, logistics of transport back to our workshop etc. 

Emergency Repairs and Refurbishment

We can provide emergency repairs and refurbishments for a wide range of machine tools including; Milling Machines, Radial Drills, Lathes and Borers.

Emergency Machine Breakdown

If you require emergency maintenance or repair work due to machine breakdown, our specialist engineers are available to provide a rapid and efficient repair service to get your machine up and running as soon as possible.

No matter the complexity of the fault, you can trust your specialists at Capstone Machine Tool Services to repair it in an efficient manner. If possible, we will aim to repair the machine on site to minimise the disruption to your business and restart production as quickly as we can. All of our engineers are highly trained to the highest industry standards so you can rest at ease knowing you are working with one of the leading specialists int he industry.

If you have a machine tool which has broken down, please give us a call on 01759 380833 without delay.