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Machine Tool Calibration

We are CNC Tool Calibration specialists in Yorkshire, providing machine tool services throughout the UK. In an ideal world, you would be using the best equipment for each job. Capstone Machine Tool Services's on-site calibration service uses the latest in metrology to offer a comprehensive evaluation of a machine tool's attributes.

Regular calibration of your machine tools guarantees efficiency and also establishes the required interval for upkeep. Capstone Machine Tool Services's performance measurement equipment allows you to manage your CNC machine tools successfully. By identifying a machine tool's capabilities before machining, as well as post-process parts examination. Additionally, it could enhance machine performance via routine upkeep as well as error compensation.

Laser Calibration

By utilising two beams (normally by splitting one light beam), an interference pattern can be developed when these two light beams superpose. Because the wavelength of the visible light is relatively short, small changes in the differences in the optical paths (range travelled) between the two beams can be spotted. 

For this reason, the optical interferometry has been a valuable measurement method for greater than a century. Its precision has later been improved with the development of lasers.

Ball Bar Calibration

In theory, if you program a CNC machine to trace out a circular course and the positioning efficiency of the machine tool was perfect, then the traced circle would exactly match the set circle. In practice, numerous factors in the equipment geometry, control system and wear could cause the span and shape of the test circle to deviate from the set circle. 

If you could accurately gauge the traced circular path and contrast it with the set course, you would have a procedure of the maker's accuracy.


Correct machine tool positioning is important for lengthening the life as well as enhancing the performance of expensive industrial machinery. In spite of this, several businesses are deterred from executing normal machine tool calibration as well as alignment due to the fact that the manual procedure is so lengthy. 

Use of laser alignment has changed this process, permitting it to be carried out both more quickly (up to 70% faster) as well as with a greater level of precision.